Vantage Point Launches New Online Resource Centers

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 - Post by admin

To improve access to our ongoing research into sales management best practices, Vantage Point has launched a series of online Resource Centers that will aggregate the latest multimedia content in subject areas that are critical to sales leadership. Click below to find insights into:





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The Vantage Point Team

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The Sales Process Club… Are You In Yet?

Thursday, February 12th, 2015 - Post by JasonJordan

It used to be a joke among a small group of people… The Sales Process Club. I met one of the original members more than a decade ago at an industry conference where we both were speakers. I was sharing some of my early thinking on sales processes and their importance to sales performance, and my newfound friend smiled and said, “Hey, you should join our club.”

“Which club is that?” I asked. “The Sales Process Club,” he responded. “It’s a group of like-minded folks who are certain that sales processes are crucial to consistent performance and that all sales forces should be maniacally defining and measuring their processes. We’re big believers… And you can join the club too.” He paused and smiled more broadly. “And if YOU join, then there will be about 10 members on the entire planet!” He laughed riotously before continuing.

“Every year we get together say to one another, ‘This is FINALLY going to be the year that sales processes will become important. FINALLY sales leaders are going to deploy formal processes that they sincerely expect their salespeople to follow. FINALLY they’re going to start measuring what their sellers actually do, rather than just begging … Read the rest

International Training: Observations & Tips

Monday, February 9th, 2015 - Post by Trish Derman

In my last post, I wrote about the Five Things We Learned Training in 15 Countries. This month I’d like to share some insightful observations and practical tips that our trainers have learned as they’ve facilitated sales management coaching around the globe.

First, observations from the classroom:

1. Think globally, act locally…except when the locals are eating something only the locals can digest!

2. Give people an inch…and they’ll give you a smile. Your French or Spanish may be abysmal, but foreigners are, by and large, appreciative of the effort you make.

3. Arrive early if possible, and take the opportunity to spend some time with locals. This gives you relevant references and context, gets you into the “mood” for that culture, and provides you with appropriate references in the classroom.

4. Anticipate your U.S.-based program extending by at least a day due to a much more relaxed atmosphere and shorter work day.

5. Be cautious when using English or American slang. Similarly, use humor with caution…our jokes often don’t play well internationally, and may be culturally awkward – or worse.

6. When facilitating for an audience whose English is a second or third language, allow the participants time … Read the rest

A Guaranteed Way to Doom Your Sales Manager Training

Thursday, January 8th, 2015 - Post by MichelleVazzana

Does sales manager training fail to deliver expected results at your organization? Perhaps change happens for a brief period of time, but before long, things go back to the way they were before the training. If this sounds like your organization, you are not alone. In fact, disappointing sales manager training results are all too common, but what’s to blame? Is the training model itself at fault? Is the content irrelevant? Or is there something else causing the disconnect between sales manager training and results?

While there are multiple possible reasons sales manager training doesn’t stick, a guaranteed way to doom your sales manager training is to implement the training without a change management strategy. Without a change management strategy, sales managers are left on their own to figure out how to implement whatever knowledge, tools and methodologies they received from training on top of their existing responsibilities—an onerous task indeed.

Is it any wonder that sales manager training fails to deliver the anticipated results when training is piled on top of training with no consideration for how the newly learned skills will fit with a sales manager’s schedule, existing tools, or daily responsibilities? It only makes sense that the … Read the rest