For Salespeople…

Reflective Selling® is our suite of training options developed specifically for front-line sellers. It was developed in reaction to shortcomings we encountered during more than two decades of training and coaching to the prevailing models in the marketplace.

Most traditional sales models:

  • Uncover buyer needs by probing for problems – However, sellers find these methods limiting because buyers may be farther along in their buying process and actively seeking solutions. If the buyer wants to talk solutions and the salesperson is probing for problems, there’s a disconnect.
  • Are linear, procedural, and rigid – However, the buying process is never linear, and attempting to adhere to a rigid framework of questions will frustrate both the seller and the buyer. An inflexible methodology will not work in all instances, and it will be abandoned by the seller.

By contrast, Reflective Selling®:

  • Enables conversations around pain AND gain – Sometime buyers have pains they are seeking to alleviate, but increasingly buyers are trying to maximize an opportunity. Reflective Selling® helps salespeople discover the buyer’s true motives and respond accordingly – ‘reflecting’ the buyers needs with an appropriate sales approach.
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    • Is highly flexible and adaptive – Rather than trudging through a linear set of questions that may or may not reflect the prospect’s point in their buying process, Reflective Selling® is a flexible methodology that allows a seller to move forward or backward in the process with higher or lower levels of detail to meet the prospect and have a more engaged conversation.

    In sum, Reflective Selling® is a better way to sell. The core modules of the suite focus on developing these key selling skills:

    • Effective Prospecting
    • Understanding the Buying Process
    • Qualifying the Opportunity
    • Conducting Effective Sales Calls
    • Positioning Capabilities
    • Overcoming Objections
    • Obtaining Buyer Commitment

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