Our Approach to Transformation

A Holistic View of Change

Vantage Point Performance is unlike any other firm in our industry.
Most companies have a simplistic view of sales improvement
. They offer products or services that solve a specific problem and assume that dramatically improving a single aspect of your sales force will dramatically improve your overall performance.

We view selling as a system of interrelated components:

  • Strategies
  • Processes
  • Skills
  • Tools
  • Metrics
  • Each one supports and reinforces the others. Focusing on any single piece of the system while ignoring its dependence on the rest is like pushing your finger into a balloon… You can see a short-term impact, but it returns to its original form once the pressure is removed.

    Train your people in selling skills without providing tools to reinforce them, and the new skills will fade away. Change your sales strategy without changing your process, and your new strategy will languish. Change your sales process without introducing new metrics, and your sales force will behave the same. Change your metrics without linking them to incentives, and no one will care.

    We look at all the parts in sum to identify the critical points across the entire selling system. We prioritize your opportunities and put them in perspective. We assess the implications for your strategy, process, skills, tools, and metrics. Then you can make changes that are both powerful and durable. Then you can manage the whole rather than its pieces. Then you can achieve Total Sales Performance.