Sales management is a tough job.  In fact, we think sales managers have the most difficult role in every organization. They are asked to do a lot with a little, and they receive scarce preparation for their daily challenges.

Fortunately, the research in our best-selling book Cracking the Sales Management Code provides light in the darkness. It gives sales managers the confidence to manage, coach, and lead with confidence.

Sales Management Code is a two-day sales management training workshop that introduces foundational sales management practices in companies that want to:

  • Ensure sales managers are proactively coaching to drive sales performance
  • Identify sales reps’ high-impact activities
  • Help reps focus effort on their biggest opportunities
  • Create a formal management ‘rhythm’ to enable effective sales coaching
  • Use sales metrics to steer sales performance
  • Maximize the value of CRM and reporting
  • Drive the consistent execution of key sales processes
  • Grow the productivity of major customers and sales territories
  • Motivate sellers by providing clear direction
  • Leverage previous investments in sales training and sales methodology

This is sales management training at its best, because it gives sales managers the skills and knowledge they need to be confident, deliberate, proactive sales leaders.

Our research revealed the activities and metrics that world-class sales management teams use to achieve their desired results. Leading sales forces around the global have already realized immediate and dramatic results by incorporating these straight-forward sales management best practices.  Innovative yet simple… A powerful combination.

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