Sales Management Training… Redefined

Most sales manager training is simply re-purposed sales person training, and sales leadership programs are often focused on generalized leadership skills. But sales leaders need more than better selling skills and an executive presence – They need targeted education on how to guide their salespeople to higher performance.

Our sales management training programs are different from any others in the industry because we have a different view of sales managers. We firmly believe:

Sales managers are the key change agents in a sales force

If you want to improve sales performance or change strategic direction, your success depends on capable and committed sales managers. Without their sales coaching and guidance, salespeople will tend to stay the course. With their help, anything is possible in a sales force.

Different sales roles demand different types of management

Not all sales roles are identical, and the same is true of their managers. Depending on the type of role a sales manager oversees (consultative, transactional, relationship, etc.), the tasks of the managers will differ accordingly.

Managers need unique skills based on their own tasks

Traditional sales management training has focused on generic coaching or leadership skills. However, managers don’t have generic jobs.  A manager’s training should enable them to effectively execute the management tasks that are relevant to their particular role.

Coaching must be focused on specific selling tasks

Most sales coaching programs help managers have better discussions with their reps. But, management isn’t about discussions, it’s about making reps better at critical selling activities. Sales coaching should improve specific salesperson behaviors like making good sales calls. Otherwise, it’s just conversation.

Sales manager training yields a higher ROI than rep training

Research shows that >85% of all sales training is targeted at front-line salespeople, not sales managers. We believe it should be the other way around. Train 1 salesperson and you’ve improved 1 salesperson… Train 1 sales manager and you’ve improved their entire team.

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