Pipeline Coaching

Vantage Point Performance has an answer for managers who want
more control over their sales pipelines:

This suite of sales management training, processes, and tools will arm your managers with sales coaching best practices that have been demonstrated to shorten sales cycles and increase win rates. Guaranteed.

Traditional ‘pipeline management’ focuses on inspecting deals as they flow through the sales pipeline – attempting to tighten forecasts. There is little scrutiny on what gets into the pipeline, and more will typically fall out of the pipe than will make it through to the end.

Pipeline Coaching® focuses on the quality of the sales pipeline and the effectiveness of the salesperson in shepherding the deals to close. Bad leads never get in, and good leads flow through a shortened sales pipeline.

Pipeline Coaching® combines best practice techniques for both opportunity and call planning to create a structured, highly-focused, and efficient conversation between a sales manager and a seller.

  • Which opportunities deserve your attention?
  • How are you going to win them?
  • What can the seller do to move the deal forward?

These and other targeted questions ensure that no effort is wasted, no deals are neglected, and all bases are covered. Pipeline Coaching® helps a sales manager exert control over the sales pipeline, while simultaneously developing the salesperson’s skill.

One of our Fortune 100 clients saw win rates increase from 37% to 49% within 6 months of deploying the Pipeline Coaching® methodology to its front-line sales managers. Healthier pipelines and greater sales… How does that sound to you?