Sales pipelines are a big deal. Salespeople and their managers spend hours each month staring at them, scrubbing them, and making them look good. But as our research reveals, most companies are just wasting time.

Based on three years of research, Vantage Point has developed the most innovative and practical sales management training program ever offered on the subject of pipeline management.

Pipeline Coaching is a two-day sales management training experience that teaches managers the pipeline management strategies and tactics that are proven to grow revenue.

  • Differentiate pipeline management and forecasting
  • Identify the three key characteristics of a healthy sales pipeline
  • Determine the ideal size for an individual seller’s pipeline
  • Help sellers qualify and disqualify opportunities early in the sales cycle
  • Align sales pipeline contents with a go-to-market strategy
  • Use the shape of a pipeline to isolate trouble spots and potential best practices
  • Transform pipeline reviews from administrative time-sinks into venues for sales coaching
  • Help sellers strategically navigate and win more deals

One of our Fortune 100 clients saw win rates increase from 37% to 49% within 6 months of deploying the Pipeline Coaching® methodology to its front-line sales managers. Healthier pipelines and greater sales… How does that sound to you?

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