Our Approach to Training

A Better Perspective

Vantage Point Performance does not view training as an event… We view it as one component in a larger change management process. Rather than focusing our energy solely on high-quality workshops, we offer 3 integrated services that are in sum greater than the individual parts.

In fact, the greatest value is not derived the training event itself – but from setting the stage for powerful change and relentlessly reinforcing it. Click on each below to explore how we help our clients avoid classic training blunders and provide
high-value, high-impact sales force improvement efforts.

We assess your sales force’s strategies, processes, skills, tools, and metrics to pinpoint your needs and evaluate your organization’s ability to create and sustain change

We identify and deliver highly-targeted and relevant training with the shortest possible path to improved productivity

We provide on-the-ground coaching and support to ensure the proper execution of durable change