Strategic Pipeline Management

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 - Post by JasonJordan

The statistics are startling. Our joint research with the Sales Management Association shows that the sales pipeline is a VERY important tool for sales managers. In fact, 72% of sales managers hold sales pipeline review meetings with their reps several times each month. Unfortunately, 61% claim that they have not been adequately trained in pipeline management, and 63% say that their companies do a bad job of managing their sales pipelines. It appears that the sales pipeline is a very important thing that is being managed very badly.

Enter Vantage Point Performance’s breakthrough new training program, STRATEGIC PIPELINE MANAGEMENT. Based on the research findings in our best-selling book Cracking the Sales Management Code, we reveal how to determine the real health of a sales pipeline and how to use the pipeline as a powerful sales coaching tool, not just a vehicle to generate forecasts.

Sales Pipeline Health

So what makes a healthy sales pipeline? Bigger is better, right? Unfortunately, our research reveals that bigger sales pipelines are not necessarily better… They can be bloated and waste the time of both sellers and their managers. We provide a simple formula to help sales managers identify the proper size for each reps’s sales pipeline.

And what about the contents of a sales pipeline? Only 21% of the sales managers in our research actually look to see what kind of deals are in their sales pipelines. We teach sales managers how to ensure that the contents of their pipelines are good, winnable deals that are aligned with their companies’ go-to-market strategies.

And what about the success that salespeople are having at moving deals through their sales pipelines? Only 23% of sales managers even look at this key measure of sales rep effectiveness. We teach managers to use key metrics such as deal progression to identify strengths and weaknesses in their reps and coach them to win more deals.

3 Key Determinants of Sales Pipeline Health

Determinants of Sales Pipeline Health

The Pipeline and Sales Coaching

But the most important use of a sales pipeline is as a coaching tool to ensure that each salesperson’s activities are aligned with their desired result… to crush their quota. We provide an easily executable sales coaching framework that turns pipeline review sessions into powerful coaching sessions.

The Sales Pipeline as a Coaching Tool

Sales Pipeline Coaching

Ultimately, sales pipeline management is a critical activity for almost all of the sales forces we know, and better pipeline management can make a huge difference in sales performance. With great sales pipeline management, forecasts are nailed, quotas are hit, and sales reps become much more productive. With status quo pipeline management, you get status quo performance. And as our research shows, most sales managers aren’t happy with the status quo.

If you find yourself in the majority of organizations that are struggling to use the sales pipeline productively, let us help. Our fresh, research-driven insights are helping major organizations revolutionize their approach to sales pipeline management. We can help you too. Click below to learn more about our STRATEGIC PIPELINE MANAGEMENT program.