60 Minute Live Online Session: The Most Underappreciated Powerhouse For Salesforce Effectiveness

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Sales leaders and managers are invited to join Scott Weinhold, EVP Strategy and Innovation at VantagePoint Performance, for a complimentary 60 minute live virtual session. Scott will share our original research covering the most important person in your sales organization: the frontline sales manager. Piles of evidence—from Gartner, Gallup, and others—have underscored the all-importance of sales managers. However, the current market dynamics and sales force distractions have made the sales manager’s role even more critical. In this session you will see how to apply a research-based framework that’s been pressure-tested and proven to help sales managers:

  • Keep salespeople focused on what matters most (even when that suddenly changes)
  • How to provide sellers with the clarity and agility that’s essential for today’s environment
  • The false assumptions about sales coaching that sabotage sales manager effectiveness

These insights are the keys to stabilizing your sales force in a time of stress and uncertainty, minimizing the negative impact of unprecedented distraction, and making your sales managers an unfair advantage for future success.

Space is limited to 20 participants.

Our May session “sold out” in one day, but please fill out the form below to be added to our wait list and invited to our next session.