September 13, 2017 Michelle Vazzana

Chaos Theory: Re-Framing the Struggle of New Sales Managers

This post originally appeared here in the Selling Power blog. When a top sales rep is promoted to sales manager, there is usually a honeymoon period during which the new manager’s enthusiasm keeps him or her afloat through the seemingly endless waves of new demands and pressures. But then…there is the onslaught of emails, reports […]

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September 1, 2017 VantagePoint Performance

Is Your Real Problem with Your Forecasts or Your Sales Team?

This post originally appeared here in the blog Quotable. Sales forecasting is a hot topic. From allocating company resources to communicating expectations to investors, sales forecasts play a key role in maintaining a healthy enterprise. Over the past two years, in conversations with senior sales executives, most have expressed anxiety over their team’s ability […]

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