December 8, 2017 Adam Norton

8 Really Good Ideas for Salespeople Looking to 2018

#1. Slow Down. You’re operating at an abnormally frenetic pace: daily call reports, weekly conference calls, monthly quotas. Selling is no longer about being the fastest runner—it’s about running the smartest race. If you’re running too fast, you will overshoot your target. Slow down. Slow. Down. #2. Think.  If you slow down, you’ll be able […]

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December 4, 2017 Michelle Vazzana

Get Out of the Field and Get Into Coaching

This post originally appeared here on the Training Industry blog. Most sales managers understand that the most important and effective activity they can do to improve performance is coach their sales reps. But many will also admit they don’t have enough time to coach as much or as often as they know they should. So, […]

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