April 30, 2018 Michelle Vazzana

Why You’d be Stupid Not to Invest in Your Sales Managers – Part 1

First things first If you’re like most sales leaders today, you’ve done all you can do with the typical performance improvement strategies such as sales rep training, formal sales processes, and cloud-based CRM. And if you’re like most sales leaders, those investments are yielding slimmer and slimmer benefit. But, what have you done for your […]

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April 27, 2018 Michelle Vazzana

Cracking the Sales Management Code: The Secrets to Measuring and Managing Sales Performance

This is Part One of a Four Part Series that originally appeared here in the Sales Management Association blog. We’re delighted to write a four-part blog series to introduce the research findings from our best-selling book, Cracking the Sales Management Code. Ground-breaking research and insights from the book have transformed sales management thinking within global companies […]

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April 9, 2018 Adam Norton

12 Reasons Your Sales Force Will Fail to Make Quota

This post originally appeared here on the Selling Power blog. 2018 is well under way, and sales teams are working to ensure a successful year. Sales leaders have prepared their teams to reach this year’s goals, and the emphasis now is on successful execution. Even if you’ve hired and retained the best people, you may […]

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