April 22, 2022 Adam Norton

What is Pipeline Coaching and Why Is It Important?

Effective discussions and coaching around sales pipelines can lead to 15% more relative revenue growth. By Michelle Vazzana Sales Pipelines are a big deal. We conducted research with the Sales Management Association (SMA) and when surveyed about how frequently sales teams expected to meet to discuss their pipelines, over 50% of sales managers answered at […]

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April 14, 2022 Adam Norton

The Secret Behind the Highest Performing Sales Teams: The Three Levels of Sales Agility

What started as a research journey into high-performing sales teams led us to a surprising discovery. We reviewed the data we’d gathered on over 10,000 sellers and more than 1,600 sales managers, and what we found is that Sales Agility is a cornerstone characteristic of organizations that consistently hit their growth targets. So how did […]

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April 1, 2022 Adam Norton

Organizational Agility: The Most Effective Way to Achieve More Sellers at Quota

Our research shows that sales managers who focus on Organizational Agility, and coach to activities, get 35% more of their sellers to quota. What is Organizational Agility? Organizational Agility is the ability to match the marketplace reality and sales execution to organizational goals and desired results. Organizations that have frameworks around linking market-facing sales activities […]

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