Foundational Sales Training

Reinvigorating the essentials of selling across your entire sales team

Better Fundamentals = Better Results

In sports, there’s an adage that says if players focus on getting the fundamentals right, the score will take care of itself. The same is true in sales: do a solid job in the fundamentals of selling and sales results will follow.

It’s easier said than done.

Business moves fast; most companies have little time to teach reps fundamental selling skills. They either expect new hires to know the basics (or pick them up along the way), or they provide initial skills training and expect reps to apply those skills year after year with no refresher to keep them sharp.

But expecting sellers to meet quota without a solid grasp of the fundamentals is a recipe for sub-par performance and inconsistent results. As a Jul-Aug 2006 Harvard Business Review article entitled “What Makes a Good Salesman?” observed, “Without sound training, even A-level salesmen are seriously limited.”

Foundational Sales Training is for organizations that . . .

Hasn't trained reps in 5 years

last trained sales reps on fundamental selling skills more than 5 years ago,

Only train product sales

provides only product-focused sales training

Regularly hires reps

regularly hires new reps with little to no prior sales experience

VantagePoint’s Foundational Sales Training can shore up your sales team’s basic skills, creating a solid foundation on which your team can grow its business. We cover all the critical fundamentals, including how to:

  • Get appointments
  • Open sales meetings
  • Identify needs
  • Deliver solution presentations
  • Handle objections
  • Close sales

Key deliverables:

  • LMS pre-work that is used in weeks leading up to live sales event
  • Curriculum for 2-day training program
  • Meeting guides for manager-led reinforcement of foundational selling concepts
  • Rubrics for measuring rep ability to apply sales skills in meetings with customers
  • Train-the-Trainer program available

Our turn-key solution is tailored to your organization, emphasizing the areas where your team shows the biggest gaps based on our pre-training diagnostic.

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Leveraging an engaging, interactive approach to our teaching, along with multiple modes of delivery to maximize training budgets, our solution arms your reps with the fundamental skills they need to win more business and execute more consistently.