Agile Sales Code for Managers

Your reps are all different; shouldn’t your frontline leaders be managing them that way?

Agility: It Isn’t Just for Customers

Frontline managers are the lynchpin of sales performance. As a growing body of evidence is showing, companies that invest in improving the effectiveness of their managers are seeing rapid and significant improvements in their teams’ results.

The problem is there is no one right way to successfully lead a sales team. What works for one rep in a certain situation might not work for another. How can today’s busy managers not only understand how best to lead a team within their unique organization, but how to best coach each of their reps through the various challenges they face with different types of customers?

The answer: Agility.

Sales organizations typically face four to five different buying situations, each of which demands a unique approach from sellers. Agile managers are skilled at coaching each of their unique sellers through those situations, helping them understand which scenarios they are facing and apply the right strategies.

Top-performing reps are agile, flexing their approach to match different situations. Doesn’t it make sense that top-performing managers would do the same?

Agile Sales Code for Managers: Diagnostic and Insight

Mapping Your Best Approach to Sales Management
VantagePoint’s Agile Sales Code for Managers is a one-day training session designed to accompany our Agile Sales Code training and specifically tailored to sales managers. Too often, managers are simply given the same training as their reps and expected to coach their reps to apply it. At VantagePoint, we understand that managing sellers is very different from being a seller – and that managers need targeted training above and beyond that which reps receive.

Our Agile Sales Code for Managers not only teaches frontline leaders how to coach through the various buying situations their reps face, we train managers how to be agile in their coaching approach, helping them understand what works, what doesn’t work, how to assess each coaching opportunity and then match the right approach to the coaching moment.

VantagePoint’s agile training for managers is rooted in our years of research and experience in the field of sales management. It is also rooted more specifically in our Sales Manager Diagnostic – a targeted assessment of your organization’s sales management behaviors, practices, strengths and weaknesses that reveals what your managers should be doing to drive individual seller performance.

VantagePoint’s Sales Manager Diagnostic provides critical insight into a company’s sales management function, enabling business leaders to move managers towards a more agile approach through an understanding of . . .

  • What types of leadership style and management approaches are our sales managers currently using?
  • How do highly successful managers handle various coaching situations differently than average or low-performing managers in our organization?
  • What management and coaching cadences and rhythms do top-performing managers use?
  • What are the management strengths and weaknesses in each of our companies’ sales managers?
  • What metric do sales managers use most often in their efforts to evaluate sales representatives?
  • What are our sales reps’ perceptions of sales manager coaching effort and quality?

By understanding the different types of management approaches that are active in the field, where these different approaches get results and where they do not, companies will be armed with the critical insights they need to drive improved, more agile performance from the most powerful tool in their arsenal: the front-line sales manager.

Agile Insights

Managers are the Lynchpin of Sales Performance

Companies that invest in improving the effectiveness of their managers are seeing rapid and significant improvements in their teams’ results.