Sales Agility Code Training: The Next Generation Sales Methodology

Prepare your sales teams for today’s buyer chaos

Today’s chaotic market dynamics demand that organizations think beyond traditional sales methodologies and focus on salesperson agility.

Traditional sales approaches are alienating customers, demoralizing salespeople, and causing win rates to plummet. Research has shown that your top performers are the least likely to follow a standardized approach, because they adapt their sales approach with agility—based on the unique buying situation.

But top performers do this unconsciously and intuitively. What about everybody else?

What if You Could Enable Sales Agility as a System?

Sales Agility Code is the only sales training program that systematically prepares your core performers to execute with agility.

Match the most effective sales strategy to your customers’ buying situations.
Improve your odds of winning every deal.

Give your buyers a fluent experience.
Situational fluency is a differentiator and positions your sellers to be “Sense Makers.”

Give your sellers the confidence to engage today’s chaotic, complex buying cycles.
Stabilize your salesforce in this time of chaos while infusing hope to your culture.

How You Systematically Enable Sales Agility

Training Sales Agility: Situational Intelligence

Machine Learning helps identify your buying situations and winning strategies

Training Sales Agility: Situational Readiness

Develop the winning strategies, tools and tactics

Training Sales Agility: Situational Fluency

Train and reinforce Systematic Adaptation

12%Increase in Revenue Performance

Higher Win Rates

Sales Agility Code is a 2-day in-person or a 4-session virtual workshop with online pre-work, Agility Guides, and sustainment.

Agile Sales Code Case Study

Agile Sales Code Case Study: Senior Living Provider

When a large global senior living provider needed insights into their stagnating sales performance, they turned to Agile Sales Code.

Agile Insight

Seize Every Sales Opportunity

It not only makes sense, it works. On average, companies who employ VantagePoint’s Agile Sales Code see 12% more revenue and 22% higher win rates than they experienced using a single methodology.