Crushing Quota

Why do so few sales managers succeed in actually coaching their staff to success? The answer is in Crushing Quota.

Crushing Quota is the newest book by best-selling authors Michelle Vazzana and Jason Jordan.

Everyone agrees that sales coaching is the only way to continually up-skill a sales force, that it’s critical for staying competitive in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. Then why do so few sales managers succeed in actually coaching their staff to success? The answer is in Crushing Quota, which takes you through the steps of developing your own sales-coaching program that delivers results.

In this game-changing sales-coaching guide, the founders of VantagePoint Performance take sales coaching beyond the loose notion of general discussions about performance and into the realm of what coaching should be: targeted, robust conversations on how to move real sales forward. Using their newest research into sales management coaching practices, the authors identify the failure points that inhibit managers from effectively coaching their sellers, including:

Ambiguity – What exactly is sales coaching? When should it take place? What topics should be covered? What should be documented?

Urgency – Forecasts, expense reports, and CRMs are absolute priorities. Why isn’t coaching raised to the same level?

Accountability – How do you know coaching is delivering hard and fast results? How do you measure its effectiveness?

Crushing Quota lays out a rock-solid business case for sales coaching and ignites the fire of urgency. You’ll learn how to build a sales coaching program that’s robust enough to increase sales but finite enough for measurement and accountability. You’ll come away with the practical, research-based guidance you need to improve your ability to coach the right things, in the right way, at the right time.

A sports coach who meets with his or her team only when it’s convenient, who thinks about coaching only before practice, doesn’t win championships. Sales coaching is no different. Learn and apply the lessons in this groundbreaking guide and go from disorder to results in no time flat.

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Those who do it right prove time and time again that sales coaching works. If you’re one of the many managers yet to reap the benefits of sales coaching, the solution is in your hands.

Praise for Crushing Quota

The best sales coaching book I’ve ever read.

— DOUG BUSHEE, Vice President, Sales Enablement, Xerox

I’ve read hundreds of books on coaching and leadership through the years and Crushing Quota is in a league of its own. A must-read for those who are serious about sales coaching.

— CHRIS DIALS, Vice President, Global Operations, VMware

Sales playbooks and processes are foundational, but execution depends on sales manager’s ability to prioritize, apply them, and coach to clear outcomes. Ultimately, this book will help make any sales manager a top performer, and provides organizations looking to deliver sustainable and profitable growth the formula to succeed.

— LOTTA BAGER, Director of Sales Excellence, QBE Insurance

Crushing Quota is an essential manual for sales organization improvement. It makes the case for salesperson coaching as sales management’s most vital and overlooked contribution to firm performance, then offers a teardown of coaching’s essential elements and a practical guide to implementing them.

— BOB KELLY, Chairman, Sales Management Association

I have had the privilege of working with Michelle, Jason, and the VantagePoint team to successfully implement the practices outlined in Crushing Quota with measurable outcomes. The sales managers found the concepts relatable, providing fresh clarity to the sales process and renewed energy to coaching the sellers.

— KAREN BASILE, Vice President of Enterprise Learning, Johnson Controls

Finally, a highly relevant and practical guide to sales coaching. A refreshing look at how research challenges conventional wisdom on this important topic.

— JOHN E. DAVIS, SVP Global Sales and Marketing, CyroLife, Inc.

Surely the quest of all sales leaders is outperformance in every area. So little credible research has been done in the world of sales leadership. Michelle and Jason have taken the lead in a critical area that needs constant analysis and review. This book is a must-read for all soon to be and established sales leaders. The recommendations in this book provide a guide, that when applied, can facilitate a genuine positive change.

— PAUL HELMORE, Director of Global Accounts, Schlumberger