April 20, 2017 Michelle Vazzana

How L&D Can Positively Impact Sales Results

This post originally appeared here in the Training Industry blog. Where can L&D leaders make...

March 24, 2017 VantagePoint Performance

The 3 Metrics that Reveal a Healthy Sales Pipeline

What’s your answer to the following question: How healthy is your sales pipeline right now? I...

March 18, 2017 VantagePoint Performance

How Do You Measure Sales Management?

This post originally appeared here in the ATD blog. In some ways, the sales force is the most...

March 14, 2017 VantagePoint Performance

Vantage Point on Training Industry 2017 Sales Training Company Watch List

We’re thrilled to announce that Vantage Point was just chosen by Training Industry for their...

March 12, 2017 VantagePoint Performance

Building an Agile Sales Organization

Presentation by Vantage Point’s Michelle Vazzana and Florida State University’s Dr....

March 10, 2017 VantagePoint Performance

Sales Leaders, What’s Really Keeping You from Realizing Your Full Sales Revenue Potential?

This post originally appeared here on the Selling Power blog. When sales organizations turn in...

February 14, 2017 Michelle Vazzana

2017 Sales Quotas – How to Have One Heck of a Year!

As a sales leader, you naturally want to get the most out of 2017 and have a good year. If...

January 30, 2017 Michelle Vazzana

3 Reasons Sales Managers Fail to Coach

When it comes to sales managers coaching their sellers, there is a significant gap between what...

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