Medical Manufacturer

Case Study

The Goal: Get More Sales People to Quota

The head of sales for this global healthcare manufacturer was in the hot seat—he had delivered only half of his forecasted revenue growth for the last two years, the average sale price for his products was falling, profit margins were shrinking, and the sales force was failing to sell its most profitable products. Ultimately, only 29% of his sales team was achieving their quotas.

This state of affairs persisted after he had deployed a new sales process, invested heavily in sales enablement technology, and increased the volume of call planning within his sales force. And then the realization came: He had ignored an important change agent in his sales force—the frontline sales manager.

The Solution: Sales Management Code

The sales leader chose to engage VantagePoint to assist, partnering with his internal development team to deploy our research-based frameworks to:

  • Mobilized his sales managers as key change agents
  • Improved the managers’ sales coaching skills
  • Established a rigorous management rhythm
  • Focused the sales team on consistent execution of its most high-impact activities • Held managers and sellers accountable for improved individual performance

The Results: Improvements Across the Board

In a little more than a year:

  • Average sale price increased by nearly 10%
  • Product cross-selling improved by 44%
  • Percentage of sellers above quota rose from 29% to 49%, with another 25% near the goal