Cracking the Sales Management Code is a groundbreaking book for sales managers and executives who want greater control over sales performance. Based on new research into how world-class sales forces measure and manage their sellers, it provides a best practice approach to identify and implement the critical activities and metrics that drive business results. It is not a book on organizational leadership, nor is it a book on interpersonal coaching.  It is a book on how to effectively manage a sales force.

This book is essentially an operating manual for the sales force. It identifies the 5 fundamental sales processes that can be managed to create desired business outcomes, and it helps readers choose which of the processes are needed to achieve their own strategic objectives. It also provides examples of actual tools and frameworks for sales managers to use, and it gives straight-forward advice on how to change sales force behaviors while avoiding common pitfalls. This book will further help sales forces maximize the usefulness of CRM by defining 3 distinct levels of sales metrics – those you can directly manage, those you can influence, and those that you can only hope to change.







When it comes to sales management, there is very little innovative thinking on the topic. VantagePoint brought the frameworks in this book to us, and we immediately implemented them with great impact. Cracking the Sales Management Code is a must-read for anyone wanting to bring their sales management team into the 21st century.

Mike Nathe | SVP | Essilor Laboratories of America

There’s an acute shortage of good books on the specifics of sales management. Cracking the Sales Management Code is about the practical specifics of sales management in the new era, and it fills a void.

From the Foreword by Neil Rackham

Cracking the Sales Management Code is one of the most important resources available on effective sales management. Jason’s clear, credible, and reasoned insights provide a compelling blueprint for sales force improvement, and should be required reading for every sales leader.

Bob Kelly | Chairman | The Sales Management Association

This book offers a solution to close the gap between the Sales Process and Business Results. It shows a new way to think critically about the strategies and tactics necessary to move the sales team from good to great! Just reading the book will challenge the reader to consider whether or not they’ve allowed unrealized sales potential to exist within their organization.

 Anita Abjornson | Senior Manager – Sales Management Effectiveness | Abbott Laboratories

Sales management too often equates measuring sales performance with managing it. This book cleverly pulls the two apart and illustrates how to manage the activities that lead to desired outcomes. The result is a must-read for managers who want to focus their attention so as to have a greater impact on sales force performance.

James Lattin | Robert A. Magowan Professor of Marketing | Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Are your best players becoming your best coaches? In today’s sales organizations, too often not. This book gives actionable advice in helping shift your focus from the outcomes to the inputs that will drive success. If you are desirous of different results and courageous enough to change your behavior, the authors give empirical evidence to help you on your journey. Read this book, energize your team, and enjoy the results!

David Gau | President | Gates Corporation

When it comes to Sales, it’s easy to focus on results……But winning is never an accident. This book gives sales leadership a methodology for delivering winning results! It takes the ambiguity out of managing a sales force and provides a meaningful, realistic discipline for leading a sales team.

Thomas J. Weisenbach | Executive Vice-President Sales and Marketing – Retired | xpedx ( a Division of International Paper )

There are things that can be managed in a sales force, and there are things that cannot.  Too often sales management doesn’t see the difference.  This book is invaluable because it reveals the manageable  activities that actually drive sales results.

John Davis | Vice President | St. Jude Medical

The authors correctly assert that the proliferation of management reporting has created a false sense of control for sales executives. Real control is derived from clear direction to the field, and this book tells how do to that in an easy-to understand, actionable manner.

Michael R. Jenkins | Signature Client Vice President | AT&T Global Enterprise Solutions

It works! Cracking the Sales Management Code lays out a clear path for new sales managers to follow and for experienced managers to package their wisdom into re-usable nuggets. The Authors engagingly describe how their research unfolded, revealing a piece of the code at each step and leaving us with a treasure map to use again and again. Good stuff – good reading!

Joe Amlin | Sales Training Manager | Schlumberger

I have been asked many times by companies that use ISO management systems, why there isn’t a global management system for the sales management function.   Cracking the Sales Management Code now provides the methodology for any sales organization to implement a sales management system to help better manage and drive continual improvement in their sales results.  

Barry Timmins | Director of Sales with Global ISO | Management System Certification Company



Jason Jordan is a partner of VantagePoint Performance, the leading sales management training and development firm. He is a recognized thought leader in the domain of business-to-business selling and conducts ongoing research into management best practices in hiring, developing, measuring, and managing world-class sales organizations. Jason’s extensive research into sales performance metrics led to the original breakthrough insights in Cracking the Sales Management Code.

For 15 years, Jason has worked internationally in industries such as technology, manufacturing, distribution, financial services, construction, media, telecommunications, consumer products, health care, and hospitality. As a popular speaker and writer, he is a frequent contributor to the Sales Management Association, the American Society for Training and Development, Selling Power, Sales & Marketing Management, and other industry groups.

Having sold financial products, consumer products, and software integration services early in his career, Jason is a passionate advocate of both the sales profession and the evolution of sales management into a science. He is currently the Director of Research for the Sales Education Foundation and is a visiting faculty member in the Executive Education program at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.



Michelle Vazzana is a partner at VantagePoint Performance, the most innovative sales management training and development firm in the marketplace today. Michelle is a seasoned practitioner in the sales management arena and has coached and developed hundreds of sales managers and leaders since her foray into consulting more than 12 years ago.

She has broken new ground in the area of sales and sales management effectiveness, helping managers focus on the vital few activities that drive true sales improvement. Her experience in coaching and training sales managers in Fortune 500 companies has propelled VantagePoint’s ground-breaking research into practical application for sales managers worldwide.

Michelle is a recognized expert in the area of sales management and sales coaching, and she is a sought-after speaker for organizations including the American Society for Training and Development and the Sales Management Association. She has been the driving force behind the development of VantagePoint’s key training programs and leads the firm’s deployment of high-impact client engagements.

For 26 years, Michelle has been in sales roles including direct sales, management, training, and consulting. Michelle has worked with Neil Rackham and other thought leaders in the industry to design and deploy pioneering sales performance improvement strategies. She has a Master’s Degree in Management for Organizational Effectiveness, as well as Master’s Certificates in Total Quality Management and Instructional Systems Design from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Florida International University.