Creating Clarity about Sales Agility

Agile Sales

As a long-standing member of the sales training community, I’ve had the pleasure (and torture) of helping our clients “make sense” of different perspectives on sales agility. It is incredible to me how some long-standing, established training companies purport to be experts on sales agility while lacking solid evidence to support their claims.


Sales agility, like any other sales skill, requires a fundamentally different mindset than traditional, more procedural selling. How do I know this? Because VantagePoint has researched sales agility thoroughly. We’ve studied high-performing sellers and built on the excellent work initiated by the Florida State University Sales Institute. We’ve validated and expanded their original research to give our clients full confidence that our approach to agility is not based on 40+ years of sales experience.

Our framework for sales agility is based on eight years of quantitative research. The next time you talk to a sales training company about sales agility, ask about their research… Look for proof of their claims!

Putting new buzzwords on the same old methodology doesn’t make it agile! #salesagility, #salestraining