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Creating Clarity about Sales Agility
September 2, 2022

Creating Clarity about Sales Agility

As a long-standing member of the sales training community, I’ve had the pleasure (and torture) of helping our clients “make sense” of different perspectives on sales agility. It is incredible to me how some long-standing, established training companies purport to be experts on sales agility while lacking solid evidence to support their claims. Sales agility, […]

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Buying Journey
June 16, 2022

5 Common Mistakes Sales Teams Make in the Early Stages of the Buying Journey

The early stages of the buying journey are vital to sales success. Read on to learn some common mistakes sales teams make at this stage and how you can avoid them. In our last article, we gave you an overview of the buying journey, the process by which organizations and decision-makers within them come to […]

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May 26, 2022

How to Navigate the Buying Journey

In today’s sales arena, buyers have more power than ever. The internet has opened up more options and research to buyers than they’ve ever had. This presents a unique and exciting challenge for sales forces. How do we make sales when we do not have the leverage we’ve traditionally had throughout the sales process? Traditionally, […]

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opportunity coaching - pipeline
May 5, 2022

Opportunity Coaching: Making the Most of Your Pipeline Data

Opportunity coaching can have an outsized impact on your sales objectives. For one of our clients, improving their opportunity coaching meant a 54% improvement in revenue won, and a 71% improvement in the number of deals won, even 18 months after our training. So far in our series on how to get the most out […]

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April 22, 2022

What is Pipeline Coaching and Why Is It Important?

Effective discussions and coaching around sales pipelines can lead to 15% more relative revenue growth. By Michelle Vazzana Sales Pipelines are a big deal. We conducted research with the Sales Management Association (SMA) and when surveyed about how frequently sales teams expected to meet to discuss their pipelines, over 50% of sales managers answered at […]

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