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April 1, 2022

Organizational Agility: The Most Effective Way to Achieve More Sellers at Quota

Our research shows that sales managers who focus on Organizational Agility, and coach to activities, get 35% more of their sellers to quota. What is Organizational Agility? Organizational Agility is the ability to match the marketplace reality and sales execution to organizational goals and desired results. Organizations that have frameworks around linking market-facing sales activities […]

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March 24, 2022

Want to Grow Your Sales? Build A Strong Foundation

VantagePoint’s research shows that on average, sales training programs that focus on Foundational Agility see a 30% increase in average selling price. What is Foundational Agility? Foundational Agility is the ability to: Assess the buyer’s location within the buying journey Determine and plan the best course of action Execute that action effectively and use feedback […]

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March 18, 2022

One Bad Sales Manager Can Cost You $3.5 Million

Yes, your hunch is correct. The number one revenue killer for many sales organizations is bad sales management. A VantagePoint/Sales Management Association study of 518 sales managers in Fortune 500 sales forces showed that: • The top 25% of managers exceeded their team targets by an average of 15%. • The bottom 25% of managers […]

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Situational Agility
March 16, 2022

Situational Agility: The Key to Unlocking Seller Success

VantagePoint has studied thousands of sales situations across dozens of industries and the research is clear: when sales teams exhibit Situational Agility they see an average of 20% more revenue per seller. What is Situational Agility? First things first: if you haven’t read our article on Foundational Agility, go read it here. Your Sales Team […]

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The Sales Management Code Defined
February 23, 2022

The Sales Management Code Defined

Is there a decision-making framework that the highest performing sales managers employ? How do the highest performers prioritize their effort, allocate their coaching most effectively, and measure salesperson progress toward quota? Is there a sales management training program that teaches these vital skills? The answer to these questions is yes. There is a code that […]

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