VantagePoint Leadership Team



michelle-vazzanaMICHELLE VAZZANA, Partner and CEO

Michelle Vazzana is the CEO and a founding partner at Vantage Point. She co-authored Cracking the Sales Management Code and recently published Crushing Quota: Proven Sales Coaching Tactics for Breakthrough Performance.

Michelle earned a bachelor of science degree in computer science from Florida International University, a master of science in organizational effectiveness from Marymount Loyola University and master’s certificates in both Instructional systems design and total quality management. Michelle earned her Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Walden University, with a focus on sales management practices.





PHIL KNOWLES, Managing Partner  

Phil Knowles is a founding partner of Vantage Point. He has more than 20 years of experience in business development and consulting for Fortune 1000 firms, as well as extensive experience leading performance improvement initiatives.  

Phil has spearheaded major organizational change initiatives for organizations such as Boeing, A.T. Kearney, HP, Pfizer, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Essilor, and GE, to name a few. He has coached and trained thousands of salespeople and sales managers.  

Phil earned a bachelor of science in business from the University of Nebraska, Magna Cum Laude.




LINDEN INGRAM, Head of Sales  

Linden is a professional sales leader with 30 years of experience in both sales and sales management. Linden’s experience ranges from senior management roles in blue chip organisations such as GE and GMAC to intimate collaborations with small and medium-sized businesses.

Having worked in the Sales Effectiveness field for the last 15 years, Linden has a passion for helping salespeople and managers reach their highest potential.  Linden says, “I have never forgotten what it’s like to ‘carry the bag,’ and I get salespeople to develop a laser-like focus on identifying and executing the activities that make a difference to their results.”

Linden holds a Masters in Sales Management from the University of Portsmouth, England.





LEFF BONNEY, Vice President, Research and Product Innovation

Leff Bonney is a professor of marketing at Florida State University as well as Vice President of Research and Product Innovation for Vantage Point. Leff serves as Director of Executive Programs for FSU’s College of Business and its Sales Institute, which has been recognized as the premier university sales program in the U.S. Previously, Leff held sales leadership roles for two Fortune 500 companies. 

Leff received a BBA in Marketing and a Ph.D in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee, in addition to an MBA from the University of Georgia. Recently, Leff won the American Marketing Association’s Don McBane Award, given to educators and leaders who have made a lasting impact on the sales profession.





LISA DOYLE, Senior Director, Design & Development

Lisa Doyle is Senior Director of Design and Development at Vantage Point. Lisa works directly with clients and business partners develop and implement performance improvement programs. She has a strong background in needs assessment, organization development, instructional design, and facilitation.   

Lisa received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Rutger’s University and a master’s degree in industrial psychology and organization development from Fairleigh Dickinson University. In addition, Lisa has completed training in the Co-Active Coaching model through the Coaches Training Institute and is accredited by the International Coach’s Federation.