Michelle Vazzana

Michelle Vazzana is a founding partner at Vantage Point Performance, a global sales management training and development firm. She is also co-author of Cracking the Sales Management Code: The Secrets to Measuring and Managing Sales Performance. Michelle has more than 28 years of successful sales, sales training, and salaes management experience.

Michelle has personally trained and coached thousands of sales people, sales managers, and sales leaders, as well as designed and facilitated programs for effective sales management, coaching and reinforcement, face-to-face selling, major account sales strategy, and telesales. She also designs and implements global end-to-end engagements for clients that create the environment to ensure long-term performance change.

A graduate of the Florida International University, Michelle earned a bachelor of science degree in computer science. She also holds a master of science in organizational effectiveness and master’s certificates in both Instructional systems design and total quality management from Marymount University. Michelle is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in organizational psychology with a goal to break new ground in the area of sales manager.