Sales Agility Code™ Training

Combining Applied Academic Research, Data Science, and Real World Human Experience

Why Sales Agility?

  • Your buyers are not all the same – Most companies interact with four to six unique buying situations
  • Your top-performing sellers have proven that agility works – Top performers vary their sales approach depending upon the buying situation and are skilled at using four sales strategies (not one) so they can pivot when needed
  • Your average and low performers have also proven that agility works. They typically use the same sales strategy regardless of the buying situation, resulting in lower performance

Our research* has shown that any one sales strategy has roughly a 25% success rate. Yet most organizations train their salespeople in one sales approach that they are all encouraged to follow. This approach is fundamentally flawed – at best it prepares sellers to be average!

Sales Agility Code™ Workshop

True sales agility is about better decision-making and better execution. When sellers are trained to properly assess the buying situations they face, they are then able to make better decisions about which sales strategy to deploy and to deploy that strategy effectively.

Sales Agility Code™ training teaches sellers to assess the buying situation they are facing, choose the best strategy for a win, and execute that strategy effectively. Unlike other sales training programs that focus solely on sales execution, Sales Agility Code™ training teaches situational agility to help sellers make better decisions that lead to better sales execution.

High-performing sellers know that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Equip all of your sellers to sell like your high performers.

Our approach is sales methodology-agnostic, meaning we build upon the investments you have already made on a standardized sales approach, sales tools, and sales messaging. We help your sales team:

  • Assess buying situations: Clarifying the characteristics that define your common buying situations
  • Choose a sales approach: Aligning the customer situations to a sales strategy that reflects the customer’s current buying preferences
  • Execute sales tactics: Articulating your team’s best practices for executing sales tactics, pulling in the existing tools and resources within your organization to dramatically increase the chances of a win

On average, companies who employ VantagePoint’s Sales Agility Code™ training see 12% more revenue and 22% higher win rates than they experienced using a one-size-fits-all sales methodology.

Sales Agility Code™ training is offered as either an in-person or virtual instructor-led workshop.

Supersize the impact of Sales Agility Code™ training with AgileEdge®

If your organization has more than fifty sellers, you can deploy VantagePoint’s AgileEdge® diagnostic to enrich Sales Agility Code™ engagement.

VantagePoint Performance’s AgileEdge® Salesperson Diagnostic gathers deal-level data and uses machine learning and data science to isolate the most critical elements of the customer environments your sellers face. Through our comprehensive analysis we can determine:

  • The five to seven buying factors that are most important to how your buyer’s buy
  • The unique buying situations your sellers face based on the buying factors identified
  • The sales strategy that leads to a win in each buying situation
  • The relative capability of your sales force to execute the tactics within each of the four sales strategies

For clients committed to long-term change, we re-run AgileEdge® diagnostic annually, or on an agreed-upon schedule, to ensure that the most relevant information is always available.

Sales Agility Guides

The insights from AgileEdge® form the basis for customized Agility Guides that detail the tools and tactics your top performers execute to win in each of your unique buying situations. The Agility Guides and insights within are incorporated into the workshop to create a unique and highly practical learning experience.

Higher Adoption Through Ongoing Sustainment after Training

Understanding that one-time training events rarely change behavior, VantagePoint uses a multi-phased approach to training that emphasizes continuous learning and reinforcement over an extended period of time.

In support of sustained execution of Sales Agility Code™ training we offer:

  • Gamification
  • E-learning courses with application guides
  • Sales manager tools
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Updated Agility Guides each year of your contract with VantagePoint

As a Sales Agility Code™ training customer, you will have access to your pre-learning and sustainment resources through VantagePoint’s LMS system. Would you rather have it on your own LMS? We can do that too!

We Are Not Afraid to Prove it Works

We offer a third-party objective ROI measurement powered by Beyond ROI that carefully and concretely connects adoption of new, trained behaviors to measurable results.

Sales Agility Code™ Training Brochure

What if your sellers had a decision-making framework that enabled them to better assess customer situations and identify the best path to a win? Learn more about our Sales Agility Code™ Training with this free brochure download. 

Seize Every Sales Opportunity

It not only makes sense, it works. On average, companies who employ VantagePoint’s Agile Sales Code see 12% more revenue and 22% higher win rates than they experienced using a single methodology.

Agile Sales Code Case Study

Sales Agility Code™ Training Case Study: Senior Living Provider

When a large global senior living provider needed insights into their stagnating sales performance, they turned to Agile Sales Code.

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