Sales Agility Code – Using the best of every Sales Methodology, fluently.

Combining Applied Academic Research, Data Science, and Real World Human Experience

Match your Selling Approach to the Situation

A multi-year, multi-company study by the Florida State University Sales Institute revealed that the best-performing salespeople use up to four, different sales methodologies, instinctively choosing the best approach for each deal and situation.

VantagePoint’s Sales Agility Code trains people how to do this, using a three-pronged approach – (1) Diagnostic/Insight and (2) Play/Playbook Development (3) Training & Reinforcement – to identify the buying situations your company faces and the best sales approach for each one.

Our approach is sales methodology-agnostic, meaning we aren’t trying to make a training product or methodology product to fit your situation; rather, we start with a better understanding of your situation, then we match the best methodologies and approaches to your buying and selling situations.

On average, companies who employ VantagePoint’s Sales Agility Code see 12% more revenue and 22% higher win rates than they experienced using a single methodology.

12%Increase in Revenue Performance

Higher Win Rates

Sales Agility Code: Diagnostic and Insight

A Practical Guide to Selling Situations and Best Approaches – specific to your organization
VantagePoint Performance’s Agile Edge (TM) Diagnostic uses your data to identify your selling situations, and the historically most successful approaches for each situation.  We codify this into a deliverable called a Sales Agility Guide, that gives your sales teams an insight into the situations they encounter, and what approaches have worked best for your company, in each situation.

Agile Selling Diagnostic

As part of a Sales Agility Code engagement, we provide your sales organization with an easy-to-use system for capturing and disseminating best practices, enabling continuous improvement of their situational fluency and their ability to select a selling approach. Video integration allows reps to learn from top-performers as they share insights and “how-to’s” around common opportunities. These tools, as well as the Sales Agility Guide, are easily integrated with existing CRM systems.

Sales Agility Code: Play Development and Sales Training

Train your salesforce to recognize situations and adapt fluently
Armed with an understanding of the selling situations your reps face, the approaches that work best and VantagePoint Agility Guides detailing how to identify and win in each situation, VantagePoint then trains your sales team to execute in each different situation fluently and effectively.

We start by sharing the research and results supporting agility to get buy-in to the new approach. We then walk your sales team through our findings about the sales situations they face, how to identify each one quickly, and which strategies to employ in each situation. Once the sales team has a solid understanding of this foundational material, we use role play and other teaching methods to help reps become confident in identifying which buyer situation they are facing and applying the right strategy for success.

Sustainment after Training

Understanding that one-time training events rarely change behavior, VantagePoint uses a multi-phase approach to training that emphasizes continuous learning and reinforcement over an extended period of time.

We also offer an ROI measurement approach that carefully and concretely connects adoption of new, trained behaviors to measurable results.

Agile Sales Code Case Study

Sales Agility Code Case Study: Senior Living Provider

When a large global senior living provider needed insights into their stagnating sales performance, they turned to Agile Sales Code.

Agile Insight

Seize Every Sales Opportunity

It not only makes sense, it works. On average, companies who employ VantagePoint’s Agile Sales Code see 12% more revenue and 22% higher win rates than they experienced using a single methodology.