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Late last year, Gartner shared that a top priority for companies in 2020 was sales manager effectiveness. This year, world events like COVID-19 and economic pressures are making many companies re-think their travel policies in the interest of employee safety, yet companies still need to move forward and achieve their revenue goals.

For the past year, VantagePoint has partnered with a platform that allows us to deliver the Sales Management Code™ training workshop to you as a Virtual Instructor-led training course. Your team gets the same great content and instructors without having to leave their home office. While we believe that in-person workshops are the best way to get a full, in-depth learning experience, we want to support our customers with alternatives that fit their needs while keeping them safe and on track for meeting their goals.

Tap into the Exponential Power of Your Front-line Sales Managers 

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Too few of your salespeople are hitting their quota – You are not alone; this trend is getting worse every year.
  • Sales managers spend more time “putting out fires” or stepping into sales cycles than truly coaching their people, essentially being “super-sellers” – Even tenured sales managers who haven’t been properly trained engage in practices that are intuitively appealing, but dead wrong!
  • Top sellers, who are promoted to sales management, do not feel equipped to do the job – The job of sales management is far different than the job of the individual seller. When top-performing reps are promoted to management without the benefit of the right preparation, they flounder and ultimately fail.

Unfortunately, most sales managers are having a negative impact on team performance. Are you ready to change that?

Turn Your Sales Managers into Force Multipliers with VantagePoint’s Sales Management Code™ Training

VantagePoint’s comprehensive study of sales management practices made some startling discoveries:


75% of sales managers have less than half their reps making quota


There was a 39% difference in revenue performance between the top and bottom quartiles of sales managers we studied

3.5 Million

Top managers in our study brought in an average $3.5 million more in revenue than their lower-performing peers

There is huge leverage in the sales manager role. VantagePoint can help you tap into it.

Sales Management Code™ Training Program

Our research revealed that the highest performing managers don’t coach more, they coach differently. They adhere to an operating system and rhythm – a “code” – for managing that enables them to lead their teams to excellence quarter after quarter, year after year.

Sales Managers who work with VantagePoint are equipped to:

  • Focus on the specific sales activities most aligned to organizational results and prioritized sales objectives (KPIs)
  • Create clarity for themselves and their teams on the execution of those high-impact sales activities and focus their coaching efforts to support seller execution
  • Determine the level of coaching and assessment tied to maximum effectiveness with minimum impact on their calendars
  • Leverage the benefits of both formal and informal coaching conversations
  • Use data effectively to assess the impact of their decisions and make timely adjustments to keep their sellers on the path to quota attainment

Our comprehensive and highly practical training emphasizes all the fundamentals necessary to manage and lead a team of sellers to consistent execution and increased levels of performance.

Enhance the Sales Management Code with the AgileEdge®

If your organization has more than 25 sales managers, you can deploy VantagePoint’s AgileEdge diagnostic to enrich Sales Management Cod™e training engagement.

VantagePoint’s AgileEdge® Sales Manager Diagnostic gathers data from your sales organization and uses machine learning to tease out the ways your top performing sales managers are behaving differently than other managers. Through our comprehensive analysis we can determine:

  • The KPIs or strategic objectives most focused upon by top-performing sales managers
  • The sales activities that have clear impact on sales performance
  • The coaching behaviors and rhythms deployed by your highest performing managers
  • Benchmark your managers against thousands of others to understand how your sales managers compare

For clients committed to long-term change, we re-run the AgileEdge® diagnostic annually, or on an agreed-upon schedule, to ensure that the most relevant information is always available.

Higher Adoption Through Ongoing Sustainment after Training

Understanding that one-time training events rarely change behavior, VantagePoint uses a multi-phased approach to training that emphasizes continuous learning and reinforcement over an extended period of time.

In support of sustained execution of Sales Management Code™ training we offer:

  • Gamification
  • E-learning courses for salespeople and sales managers
  • Sales Leader resources
  • Coaching
  • Consulting

You will have access to your pre-learning and sustainment resources through VantagePoint’s LMS system.  Would you rather have it on your own LMS? We are happy to discuss ways to make that happen.

We are not afraid to prove it works!

We also offer a third-party objective ROI measurement powered by Beyond ROI that carefully and concretely connects adoption of new, trained behaviors to measurable results.

Sales Management Code™ Training Brochure

Our comprehensive and highly practical training emphasizes all the fundamentals necessary to manage and lead a team of sellers to consistent execution and increased levels of performance. Learn more about our offerings by downloading this free brochure.

Sales Management Code - Financial Services Case Study

Sales Management Code™ Training Program Case Study: Financial Services

A nationally recognized financial services company had a disciplined rhythm around the number of interactions the company’s sales managers had with its frontline sales consultants. However, leadership wanted to improve the content and focus of each meeting.

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