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Late last year, Gartner shared that a top priority for companies in 2020 was sales manager effectiveness. This year, world events like COVID-19 and economic pressures are making many companies re-think their travel policies in the interest of employee safety, yet companies still need to move forward and achieve their revenue goals.

For the past year, VantagePoint has partnered with a platform that allows us to deliver the Sales Management Code workshop to you as a Virtual Instructor-led training course. Your team gets the same great content and instructors without having to leave their home office. While we believe that in-person workshops are the best way to get a full, in-depth learning experience, we want to support our customers with alternatives that fit their needs while keeping them safe and on track for meeting their goals.

Tap Into the Exponential Power of Your Front-line Sales Managers with Training 

When sales teams aren’t delivering the expected results, sales leaders usually turn their attention to sellers. Do they need more training? New technology? A better methodology? The questions feel logical; after all, if there’s a problem with sales performance, it seems to make sense that the source of that problem lies with the people who sell, or with the tools and processes that support them. Unfortunately, the long-term impact of any initiative aimed at salespeople is either supported or tanked by the behavior of your front-line sales managers.

A growing body of research supports the dramatic impact of the front-line sales manager on sales team performance.

As it turns out, this long-neglected layer of the sales organization has a more powerful impact on sales results than any other role and is the key to driving improved performance in your sales teams. Simply put: great managers produce great results; underperforming managers produce poor results.

Unfortunately, most managers are having a negative impact on team performance. VantagePoint’s comprehensive study of sales management practices made some startling discoveries:


75% of sales managers have less than half their reps making quota


There was a 39% difference in revenue performance between the top and bottom quartiles of sales managers we studied

3.5 Million

Top managers in our study brought in an average $3.5 million more in revenue than their lower-performing peers

Think about that: a whopping three-quarters of managers have more than half their reps failing to meet sales targets. In our view, that means three-quarters of sales managers are failing in their jobs. And those who are succeeding? They’re having a domino effect on performance that equates to millions of dollars in revenue.

There is huge leverage in the sales manager role. How can you tap into it?

The Sales Management Code Training Program

To lead a team effectively, sales managers must know how to manage. This sounds like common sense, but it isn’t. In most companies, sales managers are:

  • Former top reps who were promoted into the manager position in order to have an upward career path
  • Given little or no manager-specific training
  • Expected to know how to manage based on their knowledge of how to sell

This approach to the sales management role is essentially a roll of the dice – and one that usually loses. That’s because the skill set required to be an outstanding manager is vastly different from the one required to be a great seller. Without the right training, star sellers tend to become overwhelmed in the management role and while some eventually figure it out, most do not.

To stop rolling the dice and start winning, you need to train the code.

Winning sales managers adhere to an operating system and cadence – a “code” – for managing that enables them to lead their teams to excellence quarter after quarter, year after year. VantagePoint’s Sales Management Code training program teaches your managers that code.

During our two-day workshop, managers . . .

  • Develop a system of operating, or code, for managing their teams to accomplish organizational results and prioritized sales objectives (KPIs)
  • Create clarity for themselves and their teams on what sales activities will have impact and how their coaching efforts will enhance and support seller execution
  • Develop a personalized playbook including plans for communicating and supporting team execution
  • Understand and learn to apply best practices that get results in formal and ad hoc coaching conversations
  • Use data effectively to diagnose performance problems and make real-time adjustments to keep their sellers on the path to quota attainment

Our packed agenda emphasizes all the fundamentals necessary to manage and lead a team of sellers to consistent execution and increased levels of performance.

Sales Management Code - Financial Services Case Study

Sales Management Code Training Program Case Study: Financial Services

A nationally recognized financial services company had a disciplined rhythm around the number of interactions the company’s sales managers had with its frontline sales consultants. However, leadership wanted to improve the content and focus of each meeting.

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