Conventional wisdom says that if you want better sales results, you should train your frontline sellers. That ‘wisdom’ is wrong!

Training salespeople is important, no doubt. But recent research we conducted with the Sales Management Association revealed an interesting fact: Companies that spent a greater proportion of their sales training budgets on sales managers realized greater revenue growth. More specifically:

  • Companies that spent <25% of their sales training budgets on sales management training slightly exceeded their revenue targets for the year
  • Companies that spent 26%-50% of their budgets on managers outperformed that group’s revenue attainment by 6%
  • Companies that spent >50% of their budgets on managers outperformed the first group by 15%


In other words… Sales management training has a more significant impact on sales performance than an equal investment in salesperson training. Surprising? Maybe not.

When you train one salesperson, you’ve improvement the performance of exactly one salesperson. When you train one sales manager, you’ve improved the performance of that manager’s entire team.

Furthermore, when you train your sales managers, they become your ‘in-field trainers.’ Each and every day, they create and reinforce the change that you want to affect in your sellers. They become persistent change agents that drive sales performance.

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