CRM, metrics, and processes were supposed to revolutionize sales performance. Have they?

For decades, sales was managed with less rigor than any other function within a company. And then it happened… CRM. Along with CRM and its accompanying technologies came the promise of informed management and disciplined sales execution – all leading to more controllable and predictable sales performance. And for the few sales forces that have effectively transformed their operations, the promised outcomes have followed.

According to various research studies we have conducted:

  • Companies that effectively manage their sales pipelines grow revenue 15% faster than those that don’t
  • Companies that clearly define their forecasting practices enjoy forecasts 23% more accurate than their peers
  • Companies whose sales managers coach with discipline see 16% more salespeople reach quota
  • Companies with formal sales processes grow revenue 18% faster than those without them

No matter how we examine it, sales forces that operate with greater rigor realize greater sales results for their effort. Companies that continue to treat sales as an ‘art’ will struggle against their more disciplined competition and die. That’s just the reality of a modern sales environment.

Consequently, Vantage Point has developed a suite of sales management training programs that enable more rigorous management in these key areas. Based on the best practices uncovered in the research cited above, we deploy easily adopted methodologies that make sales managers better.  And sales managers love them, because the practices are immediately useful and (more importantly) make their salespeople immediately better.

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Explore Our Management Training Programs

Sales Management Code®

  • Our Foundational Sales Management Workshop
  • Identify High-Impact Sales Activities
  • Align Behaviors with Desired Results
  • Drive More Consistent Sales Execution
  • Coach When and Where It Matters Most
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Pipeline Coaching®

  • The Most Practical Workshop Ever on Pipeline Management
  • Right-Size Each Salesperson’s Sales Pipeline
  • Fill the Pipeline with Qualified Opportunities
  • Coach Salespeople to Win More Deals
  • Manage a Predictable Stream of Revenue
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Frontline Forecasting®

  • The Missing Discipline of Sales Forecasting
  • Identify the Right Forecasting Methodology
  • Forecast Based on Facts Not Guesswork
  • Use Forecasts to Improve Sales Results
  • Save Time while Boosting Forecast Accuracy
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  • The most innovative sales program in existence
  • Eliminate rigid, hit-and-miss sales methodologies
  • Replicate the practices of your top salespeople
  • Align your selling effort with the way your customers buy
  • Win the deals your currently lose
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