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Sales Agility: The Key To Peak Sales Performance

Sales Agility is the most important skill set for the modern sales force and the main focus of our training programs. Simply put, Sales Agility is the ability to quickly change selling and coaching strategies based on the specific buying situations sellers face.

Because the sales process and buying journey are more complex than ever, and buyers are more empowered than ever, sellers need to be able to keep up and shift their strategy depending on a myriad of buying factors. Our solutions help your coaches and sellers effectively identify your organization’s most common buying situations, and align selling motions to your most important organizational objectives.

We use data gathered from your salesforce to help paint a picture of your organization’s current Sales Agility strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to get everyone in your organization performing like your top performing sellers and sales managers, and expose the areas where more agility needs to be instilled. To do so, we help your organization answer these questions:

  • What are the buying factors most important to our sellers?
  • What are the unique buying situations faced by our sellers?
  • How are our sellers adapting to these buying situations?
  • Are these adaptations successful?

Once these questions are answered, we tailor our training programs to your company. Click below to see how our agility focused training solutions can help your managers and sellers.

Sales Management Code Training

In choosing to partner with VantagePoint, you will simplify sales management, improve coaching, and focus on activities that drive results.

Our data driven solutions equip all of your sales managers to manage and coach like your highest performers. Managers who manage this way get 35% more of their salespeople to quota.

Effective sales management is the single greatest determinant of sales force success. The Sales Management Code training helps your sales managers unlock their potential by building Organizational Agility.

Organizational Agility means identifying and aligning the most effective selling activities with your organization's most important sales metrics.

Your sales managers will learn to:

  • Determine what the most effective sale strategies are for your buyers’ specific buying situations
  • Understand how those strategies align with with your organization's most important KPIs
  • Be more efficient with their coaching to ensure maximum execution with minimum disruption
  • Continually monitor what’s working and what’s not throughout the sales process

After going through our Sales Management Code training, your managers won’t be wasting an inordinate amount of time putting out fires or sifting through numbers. They’ll be proactively coaching your sellers on the most important activities and selling strategies for your buyers.

Sales Agility Code Workshop: Situational Agility

Situational Agility is the key to unlocking seller potential. The Sales Agility Code training teaches your sellers how to assess a buying situation, choose a selling strategy, and execute that strategy effectively.

Most sales training programs focus strictly on standardized sales strategies. The Sales Agility Code training is different.

We help your sellers become decision makers who understand that different buying situations require different courses of action. The Sales Agility Code uses data science and research to optimize your sales approach based on your unique buying situations, increasing win rates, deal sizes, and pipeline velocity.

Sales Agility Code Workshop: Foundational Agility

Crack the sales code by strengthening the foundation of your salesforce. The Sales Agility Code Foundational training program equips your sellers to understand and effectively navigate the buyer’s journey.

Foundational Agility allows sellers to identify where prospects are in the buying journey as well as the particular buying situation they are presented with. From there they learn to adapt their sales approach accordingly.

Your sales team will:

  • Understand how your buyers approach the buying process
  • Identify what matters to buyers at each particular stage in the buying journey
  • Curate sales approaches that simultaneously align with buying factors but also your organization’s KPIs

Upon completion of the Sales Agility Code Foundational Training, your sellers won’t just be cycling through the same linear process with every buyer. They’ll be empowered to adapt to your buyers as they move through their buying journey, guiding them through the buying journey.

Why Pipeline Coaching?

Your sales pipeline is as vital to your business as the heart is to the human body.

But just as indicators of cardiovascular disease often go unnoticed—or ignored—so do diseased pipelines. And it’s why the sales pipeline is often a panicked topic of conversation between sales leaders and the C-suite.

It is also a topic that consumes a massive amount of your sales force’s time. According to research conducted by the Sales Management Association and VantagePoint, managers’ pipeline discussions with salespeople average 53 minutes in length. Multiply that times your number of salespeople. (Ouch.)

What if you could give your managers a “clinically proven” prescription for those pipeline conversations?

That’s why sales organizations are partnering with VantagePoint to deploy Pipeline Coaching Code™ training. With VantagePoint’s research-based pipeline practices, you can be confident that pipeline conversations throughout your sales force are focused on building healthy pipelines that result in predictable revenue—which will make sales pipeline conversations with your executives less stressful. (And stop wasting so much your sales force’s time.)

Build healthy pipelines that result in predictable revenue—making executive pipeline conversations less stressful.

Pipeline Coaching Code Training

A healthy pipeline is one that aligns to the strategic objectives of your organization. That means there are enough of the right opportunities in the pipeline, and those opportunities are moving at a rate fast enough to support the achievement of your revenue goals.

Your sales managers will learn to assess pipeline health and drive measurable improvement in pipeline health through targeted activity-bases sales coaching. This work may be in-person or virtually, as you prefer.

What will your managers be doing?

  • Identifying the organization-specific metrics tied to sales pipeline health
  • Clarifying early-stage opportunity qualification standards
  • Developing a coaching plan including what, how and when to coach pipeline health
  • Discussing tips for using the pipeline as a tool in opportunity and call coaching conversations

AgileEdge® is a diagnostic process that uses client data and machine learning to provide deep insights into sales management and coaching practices. Let data be your guide on what drives sales performance, buying situations your salespeople face and the sales approaches that win. AgileEdge® helps you get a deeper understanding of your current state and uses those insights to make informed sales enablement decisions.