Agile Edge: diagnostic testing


If your organization has more than 50 sellers, or 25 sales managers, you can enhance the effectiveness of our agility training solutions with our optional AgileEdge diagnostic.

AgileEdge is a diagnostic process that uses machine learning to sift through your organization’s data to find the most effective strategies used by your top sales managers and your top sellers, allowing your team to receive the most tailored training possible.

You can choose to run AgileEdge once to gain a baseline understanding of your salesforce’s strengths, weaknesses, and current practices. You can also choose to run the diagnostic on a recurring basis to get the most up to date information about your sales force and their buyers.

AgileEdge Benefits:

  • It takes diagnostic work off the plates of your sales managers and sellers, freeing up time for them to coach and act on the data.
  • Most sales managers only get involved in late stage deals, where the impact of their coaching is negligible. AgileEdge can pinpoint the most advantageous place along the sales process for them to get involved.
  • Sellers these days are told to use a small number of sale strategies to work with a myriad of buying situations. AgileEdge can help identify a larger number of effective selling activities and strategies, and guide sellers when to use each strategy to improve win rates.
  • Market conditions change regularly, so AgileEdge can give your team an up-to-date picture of the most current buying factors, unique buying situations, and pinpoint which sales strategies lead to wins in each buying situation.
  • Sales managers are the most important lever in your sales force. The AgileEdge gives your organization a clear picture of current sales management and coaching practices, how these practices align with research-based best practices, and which activities lead to the best performance. It takes the guesswork out of prioritizing sales manager effort.