by Vantage Point

CRM - Sales Management

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the story. The promise of CRM fails to materialize despite huge investments in time, energy, and certainly financial resources.

It’s no secret that many organizations struggle with getting the hoped-for returns from CRM investments. In fact, this might be something that your company is dealing with right now. Perhaps you’re on the hook to drive CRM implementation, and you’re frustrated by the lack of consistent CRM adoption across your sales organization.

Or maybe you’re about to launch CRM, and are (rightfully) concerned that the outcomes will fall short of expectations.

The good news is that the key to getting CRM right is well within your grasp. In fact, you can take the lessons we’ve learned from our research here at Vantage Point to get much more from your CRM investments and achieve the promise that such a powerful tool provides.

For the next several weeks, I will be writing a series of articles based on our research and experiences at Vantage Point on how to get CRM right.

Article 1 – The great divide between leadership and the field will discuss the most common factor across all failed CRM rollouts – the great divide between sales leadership and salespeople on CRM. While we (sales leaders and sales ops executives) see the benefits of CRM, our sellers mainly see the costs of entering the data we need.

Article 2 – Creating alignment in CRM to ensure adoption will dive deeply into how sales leaders and sales enablement executives can fix this particular problem – by identifying high impact activities that can be updated in CRM and embedded in a sales rep’s (and sales manager’s) day-to-day lives.

Article 3 – Coaching with CRM will take this one step further to discuss how CRM can be transformed from just an inspection and reporting tool (benefitting leadership), to a coaching tool (benefitting managers and sellers).

And finally, Article 4 – Leadership’s Mandate will focus on what Second-Line Managers, Directors, and VPs of Sales need to do to ensure success AFTER design and rollout.

So certainly a lot to cover. Check back here tomorrow where we’ll get started with the toughest, and most important, challenge to overcome – bridging the great divide between sales leadership and sales people when it comes to CRM.