Vantage Point Performance brings research-based training to companies that believe better sales performance comes from better sales management.

We stand apart from other sales improvement companies in four critical ways:

First, we focus on sales management.
For most sales improvement companies, sales managers are an afterthought. At Vantage Point Performance, they are front and center in all of the research, writing, training, and development we do. Stated simply, we are THE experts in developing sales management.

Second, we simplify rather than complicate.
Sales managers live in a chaotic, reactive environment. They don’t need more things to do – They need clarity to the few high-impact activities that will drive real sales improvement. Our simple frameworks help managers focus on doing the right things well.


Third, we do our research.
Our training and development programs are not built on anecdotal experiences — they are built on facts uncovered in our ongoing research into sales management best practices. Our clients are looking for credible innovation, and we are able to provide it.

Fourth, we are sales methodology neutral
Most sales improvement companies promote a specific sales methodology. We promote none. Whatever sales methodology you have in place, we will drive greater adoption and greater impact through better sales management.

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