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Changing the Status Quo

For too long, the sales enablement field has been dominated by companies promising an increase in sales performance through a one-size-fits-all approach to sales training. At VantagePoint Performance, we know this simply isn’t true and doesn’t work. Buyers are evolving and we want to help your sales force evolve with them. Today’s buyers are more empowered with research and knowledge than they have ever been. At the same time, sales forces are given less autonomy in the name of efficiency and standardization. This is a recipe for disaster for today’s sales force.

These insights have come from over 20 years of industry-leading research, and work with a diverse range of companies and industries. When we started our research journey, we expected to find a set of strategies that worked for all high performing salespeople, regardless of industry, or customer profile. But our studies kept leading back to one conclusion: there’s no one best way to achieve sales results. Instead, top sales performers and organizations are agile. They are constantly working “in the moment” to find what sales strategy will work best in a given situation. So, at VantagePoint we focus on helping our clients develop an agile sales force that can keep up with the shifting demands of their modern customers.

Other companies tend to use the same sales approach that has worked in the past. Sure, they may offer some assessments specific to your salesforce, but these assessments only look for strengths or weaknesses related to their standardized sales methodology. This generalized approach may be easy to implement, but it leads to compliant and unmotivated sellers executing activities that are likely not aligned to your organization’s sales goals. And not aligned to the modern buyer!

We help you take a better path to sales success. We use machine learning technology and data science to understand what makes your top sales performers so effective. This diagnostic approach digs deep into the data generated by your sales force to give you the most current and accurate picture of inefficiencies and imbalances in their performance. Then we use this data to create tailored training plans to help all your sellers and sales managers behave like top performers!

The Three Levels of Sales Agility

Data is important, but it’s useless without the ability to analyze and act on it. That’s where our research-driven Sales Agility frameworks come in. VantagePoint is proud to be the only company qualified to provide Sales Agility training, because we’re the only company that has done the research. And as a result, the following three levels of Sales Agility have been identified in our studies into the practices of thousands of salespeople and sales managers, across dozens of companies. Training based on each of these levels gives all of your salespeople and sales coaches the skills they need to reach new levels of sales success.

  • Foundational Agility is the base of the Sales Agility pyramid. It’s about instilling both your sellers and managers with the skills to identify buyer needs and understand buyer psychology throughout the buying journey.
  • Our research found that sellers who can accurately identify the buyer’s stage along the buying journey have a much higher chance of success. This is more important than ever as buyers are coming to us much further along in their journeys, and are moving through buying stages in a much less linear fashion.
  • The most agile sellers assess the buying journey and understand how motivators and emotions play into that journey. Agile sellers use this knowledge to adjust their sales approach to align to the buyer’s journey to create a much more satisfying buying experience.
  • Situational Agility involves identifying specific buying situations and the strategies that work best for each scenario along your specific buyer’s journey.
  • Our research confirms that salespeople in any given sales force face between four and six unique buying situations, each requiring a slightly different approach to selling.
  • Our research has shown that when high-performing sellers switch between different strategies based on the situation they are faced with, this adaptive behavior leads to higher win rates.
  • Organizations that have frameworks around linking sales activities with KPIs and organizational results are much more agile because they can shift gears more effectively, and align activities with changing results and changing conditions.
  • This level of agility is vital to the work of sales coaches as they work to select the highest impact coaching activities and coaching rhythms.
  • It’s also key to the effectiveness of salespeople, as their understanding of how their execution is aligning with organizational goals, or clarity of task, is the biggest factor in their morale and performance.

Equipping sales managers with organizational agility ensures that salespeople have clarity of task, field level execution is directly aligned with organizational goals, and dramatically increases the likelihood those goals will be obtained.

As you can see, we take Sales Agility seriously here at VantagePoint. We are the leaders in Sales Agility training because we came to an understanding of it organically, through years of research and not just because it’s the latest sales buzzword.

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