sales methodologies fail

75% of the time
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RESEARCH PAPER Why Agile Salespeople

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The Challenge in Sales Today


The percentage of time that “one-size-fits-all” sales methodologies fail


The number of sales strategies average / below average reps use


The percent of reps failing to make quota

Selling is Situational

Selecting the right methodology for a sales organization is a huge undertaking with high stakes. With so much hanging in the balance, sales leaders who must make this critical decision usually seek input from many sources – star sellers, peers, the latest research, outside consultants.

The problem is their search is rooted in a faulty assumption – that there’s one “best fit” methodology for their company.

When a multi-year study at the Florida State University Sales Institute set out to answer the question, “What is the best sales methodology?”, they made a stunning discovery: no sales methodology works best. Regardless of company size, industry, geography or any other factor, a single sales methodology consistently led to lower performance and failed the reps who used it in roughly 3 out of 4 selling situations.

So what worked? Outstanding sales performance occurred consistently when salespeople were able to . . .

Accurately identify selling situations

Accurately identify different selling situations

Understand the unique buying proposition

Understand the unique proposition of their company

Leverage a variety of sales approaches

Leverage a variety of sales approaches

Quickly apply the best sales approach for each situation

Quickly apply the best sales approach for each situation

In other words, the best sales people use AGILITY. They leverage a variety of tactics from various sales strategies, effortlessly shifting to the right approach for each buyer and each buying situation. In contrast, lower-performing sales teams primarily rely on just one approach. The one they were trained to use!

This finding has enormous implications for sales teams. If a company encounters four typical buying situations but employs just one selling approach, they are giving their reps only a 1 in 4 chance of success.

Are your reps set up for only a 25% success rate?

Every methodology fails 75% of the time!

The VantagePoint Agile Sales & Coaching Platform

VantagePoint’s frameworks allows organizations to become fluent in agility – easily able to understand each buying situation and quickly apply the sales strategy proven to win most often in each situation.

We train your entire sales force to sell like your high performers.

Company-specific Actionable Diagnostic & Insight
We uncover the 4-5 unique sales situations your reps face, then dive deep to understand what your top salespeople do to win in each situation.

Detailed Plays Tailored to Your Organization
Armed with an understanding of what it takes to win, we transform insight into pragmatic steps, codified in a real-time, mobile playbook reps can use to identify which buying situation they are facing – and which sales approach will most likely lead to success.

Situational Training
VantagePoint helps your team practice selling against the situations they will face so they can apply each strategy with confidence – and we teach your leaders how to coach their teams to improved performance using an agile approach.

The VantagePoint framework gets results. Companies that switch from a single methodology to an agile approach report dramatic improvements in customer engagement, sales rep performance, win rate and, ultimately, their sales results.

“You know our business better than we know our business. This is a game changer.”


— VP Sales Operations, Medical Device Company

“It is refreshing to finally find real sales management training. I’m tired of sales training companies masquerading their sales person content as sales manager content.”


— Bill Peck, Chief Commercial Officer, Aon Risk Solutions

“This is the best, most successful training ever launched to our sales force.” 


— VP of Sales Effectiveness, 3M

“This isn’t just another training course, this is changing the way we do business.”


— Commercial Development Leader, GE

“Since implementing the frameworks in The Sales Management Code, our district’s revenue has grown by 30% year-over-year.”


— KI

“I have been doing sales since I graduated from college. I have attended countless sales trainings. I am guessing there have been 20. This is the best. By far.”


— Account Manager, Technology Company

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