Leveraging Sales Managers as Force Multipliers: The Power of Organizational Agility

In this insight-packed virtual webinar, VantagePoint’s Michelle Vazzana is hosting a panel discussion with sales and enablement leaders from Talend (SaaS, Data Fabric) and Ball Horticulture Company (Agriculture). The panel will explore how these leaders have harnessed the power of organizational agility with the Sales Management Code® framework. This research-based framework helped these leaders equip their sales managers and drive performance with their commercial teams.

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Tuesday, February 28 at 1pm EST

Explore how to drive exponential performance in your organization, seeing firsthand how Talend and Ball Horticulture Company did it, including:

Join Ball Horticulture Company and Talend leaders as they unpack their experience of enabling sales managers in a way that ensures front-line execution aligns with organizational goals and marketplace realities. 

They’ll discuss the importance of creating clarity of task for individual seller execution, and applying a consistent coaching effort to manage key metrics.

Featured Speakers

Michelle Vazzana

Chief Strategy Officer at VantagePoint Performance

Jim Kennedy

Director of Sales at Ball Horticultural Company

Tariq Sharif

Head of Global Revenue Enablement at Talend

Learn how to deploy sales agility and win more sales.

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