Pipeline Coaching Code™ Training

Transforming sales outcomes through better pipeline coaching

Why Pipeline Coaching?

Your sales pipeline is as vital to your business as the heart is to the human body.

But just as indicators of cardiovascular disease often go unnoticed—or ignored—so do diseased pipelines. And it’s why the sales pipeline is often a panicked topic of conversation between sales leaders and the C-suite.

It is also a topic that consumes a massive amount of your sales force’s time. According to research conducted by the Sales Management Association and VantagePoint, managers’ pipeline discussions with salespeople average 53 minutes in length. Multiply that times your number of salespeople. (Ouch.)

What if you could give your managers a “clinically proven” prescription for those pipeline conversations?

That’s why sales organizations are partnering with VantagePoint to deploy Pipeline Coaching Code™ training. With VantagePoint’s research-based pipeline practices, you can be confident that pipeline conversations throughout your sales force are focused on building healthy pipelines that result in predictable revenue—which will make sales pipeline conversations with your executives less stressful. (And stop wasting so much your sales force’s time.)

Build healthy pipelines that result in predictable revenue—making executive pipeline conversations less stressful.

Pipeline Coaching Code™ Training

A healthy pipeline is one that aligns to the strategic objectives of your organization. That means that there are enough of the right opportunities in the pipeline, and those opportunities are moving at a rate fast enough to support the achievement of your revenue goals.

VantagePoint can work in-person or virtually with your sales managers to show them how to assess the health of their pipeline and how to improve that health through targeted activity-based sales coaching.

What will your managers be doing?

  • Identifying the organization-specific metrics tied to sales pipeline health
  • Clarifying early-stage opportunity qualification standards
  • Developing a coaching plan including what, how and when to coach pipeline health
  • Discussing tips for using the pipeline as a tool in opportunity and call coaching conversations

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We can help your sales managers radically improve their teams’ results through better pipeline coaching.