Who We Are

Vantage Point is a team of researchers, consultants, trainers, and coaches who believe existing sales improvement methods are outdated and were designed to solve problems that are no longer priorities.  We are committed to identifying and validating innovative ways to solve today’s sales challenges and help sales leaders get the best performance out of their people.

Who We Serve

Our training is aimed at sales managers and leaders, with a complementary suite of offerings for salespeople.  We believe that sales managers are the key drivers of sales improvement, and our approach is heavily concentrated on the sales management function and its ability to drive change downward into the organization.

What Makes Us Different

We offer research-based training that is connected to larger organizational goals and objectives.  We believe that what happens before and after a training event is even more important than what happens during the event.  Improving your sales force requires more than just training… It requires a holistic approach to organizational change that incorporates new strategies, processes, metrics, tools, and skills.