May 22, 2023 Adam Norton

Situational Fluency as an Enabler to Sales Agility 

Situational Fluency as an Enabler to Sales Agility  We’ve had a recent set of interactions with a prospect who identified “situational fluency” as a core competency for their sales force. This prospect was keenly interested in our approach to situational fluency, including how we define it and why. It was an interesting exercise and allowed […]

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October 5, 2022 Adam Norton

Situational Agility: The Key to Unlocking Seller Success 

VantagePoint has studied thousands of sales situations across dozens of industries and the research is clear: when sales teams exhibit Situational Agility they see an average of 20% more revenue per seller.   What is Situational Agility?  First things first: if you haven’t read our article on Foundational Agility, go read it here. Your Sales Team […]

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