eBook: The Real Secrets To Sales Manager Effectiveness

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Letting go of common beliefs to improve sales execution

You’re likely interested in this ebook because a portion or all of your job is to find ways to help your salesforce hit its ever-increasing targets. (organizations hire smart people who are excellent problem solvers and put them in this crucial role. Yeah, you!)

Being the superstar that you are, you are working hard to make it happen. You are doing heavy analytics to determine very specific KPIs that will help achieve your aggressive revenue targets. You’ve implemented CRM systems and other tools to capture relevant data and create visibility between frontline activity and leadership insight. You formalized sales processes to create consistent and effective execution in the field—you even help ensure that your reps receive the best training.

And, you’re taking a hard look at sales manager performance. A recent Gartner study showed that sales managers are the key to seller productivity, and development of frontline managers was the preferred driver for improving it by 33% of participants. So, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in your efforts. But, beware of the assumptions driving your decisions in this area. Our research shows that many of the beliefs we hold so true regarding sales manager performance are simply incorrect—and potentially dangerous.


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