March 24, 2022 Adam Norton

Want to Grow Your Sales? Build A Strong Foundation

VantagePoint’s research shows that on average, sales training programs that focus on Foundational Agility see a 30% increase in average selling price. What is Foundational Agility? Foundational Agility is the ability to: Assess the buyer’s location within the buying journey Determine and plan the best course of action Execute that action effectively and use feedback […]

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March 18, 2022 Adam Norton

One Bad Sales Manager Can Cost You $3.5 Million

Yes, your hunch is correct. The number one revenue killer for many sales organizations is bad sales management. A VantagePoint/Sales Management Association study of 518 sales managers in Fortune 500 sales forces showed that: • The top 25% of managers exceeded their team targets by an average of 15%. • The bottom 25% of managers […]

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March 16, 2022 Adam Norton

Situational Agility: The Key to Unlocking Seller Success

VantagePoint has studied thousands of sales situations across dozens of industries and the research is clear: when sales teams exhibit Situational Agility they see an average of 20% more revenue per seller. What is Situational Agility? First things first: if you haven’t read our article on Foundational Agility, go read it here. Your Sales Team […]

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